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Narragansett Beer lost a bet over the Patriots-Seahawks game

After the Patriots lost to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday Night Football, the popular Rhode Island brewing company had to send some beers out west to honor their bet with a Seattle brewery.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Usually, the only reason you'd end up with less beer than you started with on game day is, well, beer usually ends up in your belly.  Unfortunately for Narragansett Beer, they had to deal with the Patriots losing on Sunday, and then making good on a bet Monday morning.  Real case-of-the-Mondays situation.

Over the weekend, the 'Gansett guys and girls made a wager with Seattle's Pike Brewing Company betting a case of beer on the Patriots winning (obviously), and they made sure to throw in some good northeastern trash talk too:

Of course, the game ended with Seattle winning a thriller in what was probably the best game of the NFL season so far (and man, that stings to write after a loss at home), but Gansett felt pretty good going into it!

Aaaaaaaaand then that whole goal-line stand thing happened...

And of course, Pike couldn't resist throwing a little shade after waking up on Victory Monday, like a good bet-winner would do:

Apparently, Narragansett's been doing this all season long, which is pretty funny.

Unfortunately, they're all out of the beer from last summer that had "FREE TB12" printed on the bottom, like this:

...But they did confirm that there's still some "THX BIG PAPI" beers in stock and ready to go!

Well played, ladies and gentlemen, well played.  All in a day's work.