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WATCH: Patriots ED Chris Long wins the day with his Julian Edelman Halloween costume

From the Kent State shirt to the California attitude, Chris Long’s costume was perfect.

Edge defender Chris Long is in his first season with the New England Patriots after starting his career as a member of the St. Louis Rams. However, despite the 31-year old being one of the shorter tenured Patriots, he has fit in quite nicely with the team – both on and off the field.

The on-field chemistry is on display every week. Long plays roughly 70% of New England’s defensive snaps as he has become a key member of the team’s rotation on the defensive edge.

How well he fit in with the Patriots off the field was on display during yesterday’s locker room media availability when he unveiled his Halloween costume. Long dressed up as wide receiver Julian Edelman, wearing a mask and Kent State shirt. He even answered questions as the wideout:

You know, I lived and loved. I’ve spent my offseason in muscle beach, doing a lot of sit-ups in the park and you can see it when I’m blocking. You know, I move people. I’m doing everything.

At that point the real Julian Edelman entered the interview but that did not stop fake-Edelman from continuing talking about the best defensive player on the team (other than Edelman himself, obviously), skateboarding and his best friend(s).

You can watch the entire interview session at