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Week 11 NFL early games live updates and Patriots rooting guide

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The Patriots the 49ers play at 4:25 PM EST. Here is the rooting guide for the early games.

1:00 PM EST

Bills at Bengals (-3): The Bills are below .500 and the Patriot want to keep them that way. A Bengals victory will help the Patriots in the AFC East, help the Patriots with common opponents records, and also throw a wrench in the AFC North competition.

Titans at Colts (-3): The Patriots don’t play either team, but watching the Titans win on the road would be sweet.

Steelers (-9) at Browns: Can the Browns get their first win of the year? No? Well, the Patriots will be rooting for Cleveland to get the upset to keep the Steelers out of the playoff picture.

Buccaneers at Chiefs (-7): The Patriots want the Chiefs to lose in order to get some distance on their AFC West foes.

Ravens at Cowboys (-7.5): The Patriots will want the Cowboys to win in order to solidify the odds of receiving a first round bye in the playoffs.

Jaguars at Lions (-7): The Patriots might want the Jaguars to win, but they’re pretty far out of the playoff picture. The Lions lead the NFC North and could push the Packers out of the playoffs, which would be great.

Cardinals at Vikings (-1.5): The Patriots want the Cardinals to win for the sake of strength of schedule

Bears at Giants (-7.5): This game doesn’t affect the Patriots.

Use this as the open thread for discussion of the early games.