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Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski is a minority owner of the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights

Because, why not?

Around the NFL, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is known for his playmaking abilities and knack for the big play. He has an elite ability to find soft spots in coverage and take advantage of them. Apparently, he also uses a similar approach when it comes to money: When he sees what looks like a smart investment, he makes it.

Take the newest NHL franchise, for example, which released its name, colors and logo yesterday, and will have Gronkowski as a minority owner, according to Darren Rovell:

Minority owners of new NHL franchise, Vegas Golden Knights include Rob Gronkowski, Jose Bautista and model Carol Alt.

The Vegas Golden Knights, the first "big four" franchise in Las Vegas, have a long list of minority owners. Gronkowski is joined by Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Prince Amukamara and former Boston Bruins forward Mark Recchi, just to name a few.

Gronkowski played hockey when he was a child, so perhaps he is living out a childhood dream. Mix in a little Las Vegas and you’ve got the most “Gronk” experience in the world.

Gronkowski has shown his business acumen in the past. In a book titled "It’s Good to be Gronk" that was released last Summer, the best tight end in the NFL noted that he has not yet spent even a dime of his NFL contract money. Instead, he lives entirely off his endorsement deals.

Maybe the 27-year old can also start living off his share of the Golden Knights in the future.

Gronkowski isn’t the only member of the Patriots to acquire ownership of a sports franchise this past year. Patriots owner Robert Kraft and QB Tom Brady became minority owners of UFC back in July.