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WATCH: NFL uploads entire Patriots-Rams Super Bowl XXXVI game to YouTube

Re-live the memories!

If you want to re-live the moment where the New England Patriots started their ongoing dynasty of dominance, the NFL just uploaded the entire game tape of Super Bowl XXXVI between the Patriots and the St. Louis Rams to YouTube.

The Patriots face the Rams this week and the NFL apparently want fans to get into the mood. If you want to skip to certain points of the game, the NFL was kind enough to give timestamps in the video description:

17:37 - Jeff Wilkens makes 50-yard FG
26:57 - Wilkins misses 52-yard FG
34:30 - Ty Law intercepts Kurt Warner and returns it for a TD
47:16 - Ricky Proehl fumbles and Patriots recover
53:38 - Tom Brady throws 8-yard TD pass to David Patten
1:20:17 - Warner is intercepted by Otis Smith
1:24:00 - Adam Vinatieri makes 37-yard FG
1:37:10 - Warner sneaks for 2-yard TD
1:56:24 - Warner throws game-tying 26-yard TD pass to Proehl
1:59:32 - Patriots begin game-winning drive
2:03:56 - Vinatieri makes game-winning FG as time expires

Have fun watching the game and remember that the Patriots are closing in on 20 years of dominance. That’s incredible. Enjoy the ride.