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Week 9 NFL early games live updates and Patriots rooting thread

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The Patriots have a bye week, but here is an idea of how the team wants week 9 to play out.

1:00 PM EST

Jets at Dolphins (-4): Miami is 3-4 and the Jets are 3-5. Both teams are on two-game winning streaks. The Patriots have two games left against the Jets. The Dolphins are going through a bit of a rebound, so perhaps the Jets could nip them before they get on a roll.

Steelers at Ravens (no line): The line has not been set due to question marks on whether QB Ben Roethlisberger would play. He is game time decision, but regardless the Patriots would want the Ravens to pull off the upset.

Jaguars at Chiefs (-7.5): The (5-2) Chiefs are making a push in the AFC West, but is anyone kind of more concerned with Kansas City than any other team? Sure, Alex Smith can’t throw the ball more than 5 yards down the field and Andy Reid is good for some horrible coaching at a crucial moment, but the Chiefs might be the most complete team in the AFC. The Patriots might want a surprise Jaguars upset.

Cowboys (-8) at Browns: The Browns are winless. The Cowboys are the best team in the NFC. The Patriots should want the Browns to win for the sake of strength of schedule, but that’s probably not going to happen.

Eagles at Giants (-3): This game does not matter to the Patriots, although these are two wild card teams in the NFC. I think the Patriots would rather face the Giants than the Eagles tough defense.

Lions at Vikings (-6.5): This game doesn’t matter to the Patriots either, although I don’t trust the Vikings right now. They have too many injuries. The Lions might be able to pull off the upset.