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Week 9 NFL late games live updates and Patriots rooting thread

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The afternoon and night games are about to begin. Join in the discussion!

4:05 PM EST

Panthers (-3) at Rams: The Patriots play the Rams in a couple weeks which I have circled as the annual second-half stinker for New England. While a Rams victory would help strength of schedule, perhaps a Panthers victory could send the Rams deeper into a tailspin.

Saints (-4.5) at 49ers: The Patriots also play the 49ers, but San Francisco is just a bad team. The Patriots would be pulling for the 49ers to win to pad their strength of schedule.

4:25 PM EST

Titans at Chargers (-4.5): This is a game between two possible wild card teams. The Titans are one game back in the AFC South and I think the Titans have a better shot of stealing a wild card away from the Chiefs or Broncos than the Chargers do. The Patriots should root for the Titans.

Colts at Packers (-7.5): A Colts loss sends them to 3-6, ahead of only the Jaguars and Browns in the AFC. That is what the Patriots will want to happen.

8:30 PM EST

Broncos at Raiders (even): The Patriots will be rooting for the Raiders to pull off the victory. Somehow the Raiders are 5-0 on the road and just 1-2 at home. The Broncos will be without two of their top four cornerbacks. This should be a fun game between a great Raiders offense and a great Broncos defense.