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Patriots News: Bill Belichick doesn’t care where the offense comes from, as long as it’s productive

Daily news and links for 11/7/16

Quote of the Day

“The running game, like a lot of the things in our system, is a little bit week-to-week. We try to put together a game plan every week to do the best we can to move the ball and score points offensively. Sometimes that's more of some things than another, then it could change the following week based on the team that we play, where we're at, the type of game plan we have, and so forth. What I hope for is that everything that we do offensively is productive, that it complements what else we do, so that if when go out there and they're stopping one thing, hopefully that opens something up or somebody else, or another play, so we can stay balanced and be able to take advantage of those things and be productive. However that comes, then great.” - Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

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