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Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski stars in motion picture drama American Violence

While Gronkowski is primarily focused on being the best football player he can be, he spent some of his offseason time in pursuit of a movie career on the side.

Gronk is trying to add to his celebrity status by being a star on the silver screen as well as the gridiron.
Gronk is trying to add to his celebrity status by being a star on the silver screen as well as the gridiron.
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

While being a tight end for the New England Patriots is Rob Gronkowski's day job, he has a second career on the big screen. Gronk made his debut on the silver screen in the latest Entourage movie, and it looks like his post-NFL career could be in Hollywood if his body doesn't break down from the rigors of tackle football. The latest motion picture involving the Patriots superstar is American Violence, a story about a psychologist interviewing a death row inmate convicted for gang-style executions. The Patriots TE stars as another gang member and is involved in a fire fight scene. In the movie trailer (watch below), Gronk is running out of nowhere screaming like a maniac, disarms another gangster with a swift kick to the hand, slams him into a large vehicle like how we see Gronk discard defensive backs in the open field, and executes him. That scene in the trailer is 1:46 to 1:51 and despite his Walter Peyton Man of Year nomination, Gronk nailed down the look of a mobster pretty well in that shot.

Other notable actors and actresses in the movie include Denise Richards, Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau, and Bruce Dern. Richards plays the main protagonist, Dr. Amanda Tyler, a psychologist interview Lyman-Merserau's character, Jackson Shea, an inmate on death row. The main focus of the movie is Dr. Tyler interviewing Shea about the motivation behind his executions and potentially spare him from his execution sentence. The movie itself releases into theaters and video on demand on Feburary 3rd. Based on the plot and what I've seen on the trailer, I'd venture to say this is a rated R movie at the minimum.

Here's the trailer (2:10 in length, NSFW), courtesy of Yahoo's Movie section. Warning, the trailer contains blood, guns, physical violence, and Gronk.