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Week 14 NFL afternoon games live updates and Patriots rooting guide

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The Patriots don’t play until Monday, so here is a rooting guide for Sunday’s afternoon games.

4:05 PM EST

Jets at 49ers (-3): The Jets have fallen so far that they’re underdogs to the 1-11 49ers. Hard to believe the Jets were concerned top competition for the Patriots this year. The Patriots will root for the Jets to win for the sake of strength of schedule and victory, and to hurt New York’s draft pick.

4:25 PM EST

Falcons (-6) at Rams: The Patriots will want the Rams to pull off the upset to help boost the Patriots strength of victory.

Seahawks (-3) at Packers: The Patriots could be rooting for the Seahawks to win for strength of schedule, but in reality the Patriots would like to see the Seahawks play a few games on the road in the NFC playoffs and will root for the Packers.

Saints at Buccaneers (-3): This game doesn’t affect the Patriots.

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