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Bills could fire Rex Ryan before end of season, restart Buffalo’s cycle of misery

It looks like the Patriots are going to have another comfortable year in 2017.

The Buffalo Bills have a 6-6 record and are currently losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have games against the Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, and New York Jets to finish the season.

Don’t be surprised if head coach Rex Ryan is fired if the Bills finish 8-8 or worse. In fact, there’s a real chance he could be fired on Monday morning.

CBS’s Jason La Canfora reports, “it would take an overwhelming performance down the stretch for Ryan to be back in 2017, the sources said, and he could be out as soon as Monday, depending on the team's results against Pittsburgh.”

La Canfora also notes that Bills QB Tyrod Taylor could be benched in the coming weeks, leaving Buffalo looking for yet another starting quarterback. Taylor has a huge contract option coming up, which the Bills could decline to action.

This turnover in Buffalo is another reason why they’re unable to compete on an annual basis, and this issue also applies to the Jets and Dolphins. The Jets don’t have a quarterback, while the Dolphins quarterback just did this:

The Bills will likely move on to the 9th head coach since Bill Belichick took over the Patriots. The Dolphins are already on their 9th. The Jets are on their 5th. In total, the AFC East will have seen 23 coaching changes if Rex is fired.

Thank goodness for Belichick. I wouldn’t be surprised if offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia are actually the second and third best head coaches in the division, just like how Jimmy Garoppolo is the second best quarterback in the AFC East.