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Thanks Jeff Fisher: Patriots coach Bill Belichick is now the biggest loser in the NFL

The Patriots head coach has more losses than any other in the league.

The Los Angeles Rams have finally fired head coach Jeff Fisher, who was in the middle of one of the most impressive stretches of ineptitude in recent coaching memory. You might remember that the Rams announced a 2-year extension for Fisher when Los Angeles played the Patriots, aaaaaaaaall the way back in week 13.

Fisher is stuck at 165 regular season losses, tied with Dan Reeves for the most of all time. When you factor in playoff losses, Reeves has the 174-171 edge. Fisher is so close to the record and would have probably tied it if he were allowed to coach the rest of the regular season. Now it’s unknown if he’ll ever get the record; he just needs to be a head coach for one more season to clinch it.

But with the removal of Fisher, I have some sad news for New England Patriots fans. Head coach Bill Belichick is now the biggest loser of active NFL head coaches.

Belichick has 115 regular season losses, the most of any active head coach. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is second with 113 regular season losses, and when you factor in playoff losses (10 for Belichick, 11 for Reid), Belichick only has a one game edge so perhaps Belichick won’t be the leader by the end of the year.

Bears head coach John Fox (109 regular season/116 including playoffs) and Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis (101/108) are the other coaches in the 100+ loss club.

On the bright side, Belichick’s only ranked this high because of his longevity. He ranks 4th all time in victories and his 0.670 winning rate is the 4th best of all coaches with 200+ games.

Both Fisher and Belichick have been head coaches for 22 seasons and over that time Fisher has racked up 50 more losses. But for now, Belichick holds the crown for the most losses of all active coaches.