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WATCH: Cyrus Jones just made the worst possible decision on a punt return

What was the rookie thinking?!

If New England Patriots CB Cyrus Jones were any other player- ie: if he weren’t a 2nd round pick- he would be cut for all of his mistakes in the punt return game. This latest gaff might be his worst.

Jones didn’t need to be near the football if he wasn’t going to field it. He was hovering over it for the sake of hovering over it. It bounced off his foot and the Ravens recovered on the 3-yard line. Baltimore promptly scored a touchdown, closing the deficit to 23-10.

Oh, and to top it off, Jones was unavailable to return the ensuing kick return and Matthew Slater fumbled the ball, giving it back to the Ravens at the 22-yard line. That’s one way to lose the game.

Jones’ mistake here, along with Tom Brady’s interception in the red zone have been the worst plays of the year by New England, despite holding the lead.