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Ravens ED Terrell Suggs issues post-game warning to the Patriots after losing 30-23

The Ravens defensive star warns the Patriots about playin the playoffs.

The New England Patriots defeated the Baltimore Ravens 30-23 but, honestly, if it weren’t for a pair of special teams miscues by the Patriots, New England probably would have won by four scores.

That doesn’t matter to Baltimore Ravens edge defender Terrell Suggs, who had some choice words for the Patriots after the game.

“They better hope they don’t see us again,” Suggs shouted as he walked off the field and down the tunnel to the locker room.

The (7-6) Ravens are currently on the outside of the playoff picture, behind the (8-5) Pittsburgh Steelers, (8-5) Denver Broncos, and (8-5) Miami Dolphins. Honestly, the Patriots are probably happy with that. Baltimore found a way to make this a close game when it should have been all Patriots in the second half.

I’m sure New England would exhale if the Ravens were eliminated from the playoff picture.