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Patriots coach Josh McDaniels considered favorite for Rams head coaching job

Will McDaniels even want this job?

The Los Angeles Rams fired head coach Jeff Fisher this past week, which means that the Rams are one of an expected handful of teams that will be looking for a new head coach in 2017. Oddsmaker has the top candidates to take over the Rams and a face familiar to the New England Patriots is #1 on the list.

Josh McDaniels +150
Kyle Shanahan +220
David Shaw +500
Jim Bob Cooter +750
Todd Haley +750
Jim Harbaugh +3000
Jon Gruden +5000
FIELD +250

McDaniels coached the Rams after he was fired by the Broncos and before he signed back with the Patriots. He is also considered the top coaching candidate in the NFL.

The Patriots would love to retain McDaniels and the offensive coordinator is in no rush to take another head coaching job unless the situation is perfect. Can the Rams guarantee that McDaniels will have enough time to build his squad? Will he have autonomy to develop his players? Or will the owners axe him after two seasons?

It’s clear that the oddsmakers believe the Rams want an offensive mind leading the team to help groom franchise quarterback Jared Goff, although there’s a clear concern about the incoming coach having to take on and develop a quarterback they didn’t draft. That might present a situation unfavorable to McDaniels.