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This may be the craziest Deflategate theory you've ever seen

CBS Boston's Michael Hurley, who chronicled Deflategate exhaustively from start to finish, has a new, borderline insane "what if?" scenario regarding the dumbest sports scandal of the century.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Leave it to the Steelers and the Giants, two teams that everyone north of New Jersey has hated for the better part of 20 years (or, for some people, their entire lives) to give Deflategate a fresh set of legs, almost two years to the day after the Patriots took the Colts' lunch money in the AFC Championship Game and, well, you know the rest.

In case you missed it, the New York Football Giants told the NFL that, in Week 13, they tested two of the Steelers' footballs after two turnovers (which is a rules violation by itself, but whatever), and both of them were under the legal limit of 12.5 PSI.  Fortunately for the Steelers, who laughed the whole thing off anyway, the NFL said that the Giants never filed a "formal complaint", so it's all good.

Right.  Anyway, this is not about any of that.  Well, it sort of is, because CBS Boston's Michael Hurley, who:

A) Finds himself in PP's daily "Patriots Links" lists almost every day, and

B) Chronicled Deflategate like a grad student in dissertation to thinking on Tuesday night that there may be another explanation behind the NFL choosing to go all House of Cards on the Patriots over an issue that middle schoolers have debunked for science fair projects.

Fair warning: you're going to need to be relatively well boned-up on your Deflategate knowledge for most of this to make sense.  That said, if you're on this site to begin with, odds are you are, so, let's roll.

It starts with this premise:

Okeydoke.  Go on...

You have my attention.

Told you your Deflategate trivia would have to be on point.

(thinking face emoji)

Throw the knockout punch, Hurley!

(Mortal Kombat voice) FINISH HIM

Then there's that minor detail where "THEM CHEATIN' PATRIOTS!" can make life a whole lot easier for the NFL:

But, in true Scooby-Doo fashion, there's just one minor question that has gone unanswered:

Oh, right.

Do with this what you will.