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The Patriots claiming Michael Floyd made ex-Colt Jeff Saturday an angry elf

The longtime former Indianapolis Colts center and current ESPN analyst was not happy that the New England Patriots put in a claim for Michael Floyd just a few days after his DUI arrest.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, when the Indianapolis Colts had an offensive line that wasn't a hazard to their quarterback's life, center Jeff Saturday was one of their best players and a key piece to their two Super Bowl appearances.  These days, the six-time Pro Bowler is an NFL Analyst on the World Wide Leader in Patriots Cheating coverage, where he fits in quite nicely.

And the Patriots claiming wide receiver Michael Floyd on the waiver wire after nobody else wanted him has Jeff in a foul mood this weekend.

Saturday was on ESPN with the New England Patriots' old buddy Bill Polian, and had some pretty harsh words for the Patriots and how they scooped up Floyd so quickly:

"I'm not a fan. Three days later (referring to Floyd's DUI arrest), you're back on a Super Bowl contender. Is it win at all costs? What's our thought process here?"

"I know that when I was with Bill (with the Colts), it wouldn't have happened. What does that tell everyone about our game?"

"I was shocked, honestly. As good a player as he is, I was shocked that he brought him in right after this, and again, I don't love it for the optics of it, either."

"That's just a bad signal all the way around."

You can watch the whole clip here, if you're interested.

Feel free to point out all of the ways in which this is both selective memory and irony on Saturday's part in the comments.