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Pats Pulpit Podcast Episode 062: Patriots defense crushes the Broncos

Tune in!

The New England Patriots stonewalled the Denver Broncos time after time on Sunday and have a commanding lead in the AFC. If they can take care of business against the New York Jets, then the Patriots will be within spitting distance of homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.

But first, it seemed like everything was going against the Patriots. The Dolphins, Raiders, and Steelers won, while the Chiefs lost. The Patriots could have benefit from a few bounces, but they all went against New England. Perhaps they will have better luck next week.

On offense, the Patriots seemed to limp through the game, but Rich and Alec argue if this was a part of the strategy. On defense, the Patriots proved their doubters wrong and outplayed the Broncos stingy defenders.

Alec and Rich cover it all. This podcast is available in the iTunes store, Stitcher, TuneIn, BluBrry, and via RSS Feed. Please subscribe and comment on what you want to hear about in future podcasts!