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Patriots RT Marcus Cannon might be named to the 2016 All Pro team

And there’s a very good chance that he’ll actually win it.

New England Patriots fans wanted right tackle Marcus Cannon to lose his job over the offseason. They didn’t want him back after a disastrous performance in the AFC Championship Game, when Denver Broncos pass rusher Von Miller seemingly hit QB Tom Brady every other snap.

Well, one year later it’s not just possible that Cannon could be named All Pro- it’s probable.

The Associated Press announced a change to their method for constructing All Pro teams, increasing the opportunity for players at less glamorous positions. Historically, the top four tackles in the NFL that would make the All Pro team would all be left tackles; this year, linemen will be voted by their specific position.

In other words, Cannon will be ranked against other right tackles with an opportunity to make the All Pro team, and there’s no one has had a more notable game than Cannon’s complete shutout of Von Miller in week 15. Cannon allowed just one hurry all game, according to Pro Football Focus, and blocked Miller on an island on a regular basis.

Cannon might not be the best right tackle in the league- Falcons RT Ryan Schraeder has a solid case- but reputation means a lot more for the less glamorous All Pro positions. Cannon received a big contract extension and plays for the NFL’s best team. He’ll receive plenty of votes for his performance.

AP is also adding a nickelback position, and changing the defensive front seven to two defensive tackles, two edge defenders, and three stand-up linebackers. The changes stem from confusion over the last few years as Raiders ED Khalil Mack earned votes for both defensive end and outside linebacker, while Texans DL J.J. Watt earned vote at defensive tackle and defensive end.