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Police footage of Michael Floyd’s arrest released

The Scottsdale Police Department released body cam footage of Michael Floyd’s arrest on the early morning hours of December 12th.

We know the story of how WR Michael Floyd came to the Patriots. Following a loss to the Miami Dolphins, Floyd was driving at a Scottsdale, AZ intersection and a passing officer was driving behind Floyd’s Cadillac Escalade. After staying at the intersection for two full light cycles, the officer approached the vehicle to find Floyd passed out behind the wheel.

Video from TMZ Sports

From the video, the officer attempts to wake up Floyd, taking three times to wake him up. The police order a disoriented Floyd to place his car in park and shut off the vehicle. A dazed and confused Floyd was initially unresponsive to police and had very slurred speech. As a result, the officers ordered Floyd to step out of the vehicle. After shutting off the vehicle, the officer then questions Floyd who didn’t seem to fully grasp the situation he was in and didn’t remember where he was.

After arresting Floyd, the police searched the vehicle and found his wallet in order to ID him. Floyd had $666 in cash (6 hundreds, 3 twenties, a five, and a one). It was at that point that the police realized the man they arrested was the Cardinals WR. There’s still no information on whether he took a breathalyzer and the measured BAC from it. Floyd did take a blood test at the police station, the results should be leaked to the media at some point in the future.

The final video I could find was when Floyd was held at the Scottsdale Police Station, where officers let him make some phone calls. I don’t know for sure if he called although I’m not so sure he did based on what those three said last weekend when asked about Floyd. After making his phone calls, the officer asked him about taking a breathalyzer, blood, and/or urine test which Floyd refused in the video (1:53). Police asked him again, and Floyd decided to take the breathalyzer and blood tests. As I mentioned before, the results will likely be leaked to the media when the NFL decides to make a punishment for Floyd next season.

In terms of how it affects the Patriots, I don’t know if the team will wind up releasing Floyd, although I don’t think they will. We’ll know for sure when 3rd string QB Jacoby Brissett is activated off of Injured Reserve tomorrow, although the team does have an opening on the Practice Squad so they could wind up releasing someone like RB DJ Foster off the 53-man roster, although I think he wouldn’t pass waivers. The reason why I don’t think the Patriots won’t dump Floyd is because the arrest videos aren’t exactly unusual for a DUI arrest and the Patriots already made a $1.2M investment since they were the only team to claim Floyd off waivers. The Patriots top decision makers have likely seen the video by this point.