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Patriots coach Bill Belichick will use his Broncos week strategy for Dolphins game

The Patriots haven’t won in Miami since 2012.

Are you ready for some deja vu? New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is going to be feeding the same exact nobody believes in us story line to his team that he gave back in week 15 against the Denver Broncos.

In NFL Turning Point, Belichick was captured telling his team about the difficulty of winning in Denver.

“We’ve been hearing all week about how the Patriots can’t come and win in Denver,” Belichick told his team after beating the Broncos. “Alright? But not this team. Not this team.”

The Patriots had lost three straight games on the road against the Broncos, including postseason games in 2013 and 2015, and a heartbreaking collapse in the 2015 regular season. Denver has continuously been referred to as a House of Horrors of sorts for the Patriots.

So when the Patriots won in Denver this year, albeit in ugly fashion, Belichick played the nobody believes in us card. Don’t be surprised if he shuffled the card back into the deck in order to play it this upcoming week against the Miami Dolphins.

The Patriots have lost three straight games in Miami and QB Tom Brady holds a 6-8 record in Miami. The offense has averaged just 16.7 points over those three losses. Can the Patriots turn it around and beat a Miami team that has won nine of their past 10 games? Can the Patriots finish 2016 stronger than 2015 and secure homefield advantage?

Belichick is going to be pushing the same buttons and pulling the same levers that he has over the past four weeks. “The Ravens aren’t afraid of playing the Patriots.” “The Patriots can’t win in Denver.” “The Jets always play close games against the Patriots.”

“The Patriots can’t win in Miami.”

Belichick will be putting that claim to the test.