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Rich Hill joins Jaguars podcast to discuss head coach candidacies of Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia

Which Patriots coordinator would be a better head coach?

I recently joined the Down By The Bank podcast for the Jacksonville Jaguars to discuss the head coaching potential of New England Patriots coordinators Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia.

Tune in!

Points of discussion:

1. Is McDaniels is ready to be a head coach again? What has changed from his time with the Denver Broncos and why?

2. Will McDaniels be able to run an offense with the players in Jacksonville?

3. Would McDaniels want to bring Jimmy Garoppolo or Jacoby Brissett to his new team? If so, what would be the asking price?

4. Is Patricia a guy who’s head coach-ready, ready to lead a team on his own, or more of a specialist assistant coach?

5. Which coordinator should the Jaguars take the chance on, McDaniels or Patricia, and why?