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Patriots QB Tom Brady is 27-1 at home against the AFC playoff teams, much worse on road

He is 16-14 while on the road. Homefield advantage, anyone?

Want to know why the New England Patriots want homefield advantage in the AFC playoffs? Just check QB Tom Brady’s record at home against AFC opponents.

From 2001-06, Brady lost at home to the Colts (2x), Broncos (2x), Jets (2x), Dolphins, and Chargers. Since 2007, Brady has four losses to AFC opponents at home to the Ravens (2x), Jets, and Bills. Of course Brady didn’t play the entire game against the Dolphins or Bills since it was the season finale; he gave way to his back-up early in both contests.

More importantly, the Dolphins are the only team on the above list to qualify for the AFC playoffs. The five non-Patriots squads that have qualified for the playoffs have a dismal track record in New England.

Oakland Raiders

Patriots record at home: 2-0 (1-0 playoffs)
Patriots record away: 1-1

Pittsburgh Steelers

Home: 4-0
Away: 3-2 (2-0 playoffs)

Houston Texans

Home: 2-0 (1-0 playoffs)
Away: 3-1 (another season finale loss)

Kansas City Chiefs

Home: 3-0 (1-0 playoffs)
Away: 1-2

Miami Dolphins

Home: 13-1
Away: 6-8


Home: 24-1 (3-0 playoffs)
Away: 14-14 (2-0 playoffs)

So to clarify, Brady holds a 27-1 record at home against the other five teams in the AFC playoffs and that one loss came against the Dolphins in the 2005 season finale where Brady only threw 8 passes, including a touchdown, before giving way to QB Matt Cassell.

On the other hand, the Patriots have a mediocre 16-14 record against these teams while on the road. Brady has a chance to improve that record this weekend against the Dolphins.

The point is that the Patriots are absolutely dominant at home. While the only team the Patriots could conceivably play while on the road are the Raiders, who just lost their franchise quarterback for the season with a leg injury, the Patriots would much rather solidify their homefield advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.