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Damien Woody takes on Darrelle Revis's "class" comments, and it's must-see

The former Patriots and Jets offensive lineman hopped on Periscope after reading that Darrelle Revis said he hopes the Jets "treat his situation with class". You must watch this.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Damien Woody, who played five seasons for the Patriots from 1999-2003 and ended his career as a New York Jet, had a chance to read what his former teammate Darrelle Revis had to say about the Jets and what his situation looked like.

In case you were out living a life of leisure this weekend and missed it, here's what Revis said to the New York Post:

"Would I love to be here? Yes. Will I be back? That's a great question. My thing would be this: do the New York Jets want to treat my situation with class, or with no class? With me being one of the best players in the history of this franchise, do they want me to retire here or not retire here?"

Our buds at Gang Green Nation have their thoughts on Revis and his comments, so go check that out if you want their two cents on the artist once known as Revis Island.

Back to Damien Woody, though: his Periscope on Darrelle Revis and what Revis said is just...just watch it.

Revis, of course, parlayed his comeback tour and Super Bowl win with the New England Patriots in 2014 into a beaucoup bucks payday with the New York Jets, and now, two years into the deal, well, here we are.

Kind of makes you reconsider Belichick and Kraft making the decision to not give Revis the keys to Kraft's Scrooge McDuck vault of gold coins, doesn't it?