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WATCH: Bill Belichick analyzes Kyle Van Noy’s stellar contributions vs the Rams

The Patriots head coach seems to be a fan of the new linebacker.

New England Patriots head coach joined Bob Socci to analyze the top plays from week 13 against the Los Angeles Rams and, as always, it’s must-watch television.

Belichick starts by showing how the Patriots set the tone for the game, with two dominant rushing plays. On the second play of the game, RG Shaq Mason pulls to destroy the safety and create a rushing lane for RB LeGarrette Blount. It was a “good way to start the game, good way to set the tempo,” according to Belichick.

The next play was Blount’s 43-yard touchdown run on 4th and inches and the veteran running back, “and it looks like LeGarrette definitely has the ability to go downhill here and pick up the first down, but he sees this space outside, makes a good jump cut out there, and does an excellent job in the open field.”

The next two plays focus on linebacker Kyle Van Noy, including his interception and then Van Noy’s role in the sack by Chris Long.

Van Noy lines up between the left guard and tackle tackle, with Chris Long to his outside. Long draws the matchup against the tackle, while the guard focus on Van Noy. Van Noy drifts to the inside to create a large gap between the guard and tackle, allowing Long to spin to the inside. Not only does Van Noy distract the guard, he also chips the running back to remove the easy outlet pass for rookie QB Jared Goff.

Van Noy has been an excellent contributor over the past few weeks and it’s clear that he’s caught the eye of Bill Belichick. Look for more of Van Noy in the coming weeks.