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Why would Bears RB Matt Forte Join the Patriots?

A connection between the New England Patriots and former Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte makes a lot of sense. The Bears have told Forte that they don't plan on resigning him for the 2016 season, and Forte has made it known that he wants to chase a ring instead of a big contract.

The Patriots give Forte one of the best chances in the league to get a ring, the Patriots need a running back who can run and catch, and everyone has been connecting the two.

But let's look at it in a different way: why would Forte want to join the Patriots?

The Patriots just put together their worst season of running the ball in roughly two decades. The level of play was atrocious, the blocking was nonexistent, and the team just fired their offensive line coach.

Colts running back Frank Gore just went through a similar transition as Forte when he left the 49ers for a new team last offseason, and Gore called 2015 with the hapless Colts "the toughest season of my career."

Why would Forte want to play behind such a questionable offensive line?

And while the Patriots are the favorites for 2016, it's not like there aren't other teams that could be just as enticing. The Broncos are the reigning champions and they could definitely use a running back to play alongside C.J. Anderson. Maybe the Panthers could add someone. The Seahawks are another favorite and they'll have to replace Marshawn Lynch. The Packers need someone in case Eddie Lacy continues to struggle, and perhaps Forte will want to stick it to Chicago by joining a division rival.

There are plenty of options and all have better offensive line situations than the Patriots.

Forte could even join teams that rely more heavily on an individual running back than the Patriots, like the Cowboys, Jets, or Washington, where he could be the cornerstone of a team that could turn the corner in 2016.

Wouldn't running behind the Dallas offensive line, with Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten seem like a pretty good gig?

So, sure, the Patriots can offer Forte a great chance to win a Super Bowl, but let's not pretend like they're the only team that could offer him the chance- and let's not pretend like they're the only contender that needs a running back. Even if Forte isn't chasing the money, there will be other contenders willing to pay up where the Patriots won't.