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New England Patriots Links 2/16/16 - Franchise Tag Window Begins, Patriots Unlikely to Tag

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Daily news and links for 2/16/16

Patriots used franchise tag on Stephen Gostkowski last season
Patriots used franchise tag on Stephen Gostkowski last season
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports




  • Chris Chase (Fox Sports) The NFL needs to give the Patriots their first-round pick back.
  • Michael Hurley wonders if it's too much to ask for human decency, with regards to the Peyton Manning sexual assault story.
  • Tom E. Curran finds that the Mannings are old pros when it comes to image protection.
  • Cindy Boren (Washington Post) Peyton Manning and the sexual assault story that won’t go away.
  • Sean Gentille (Sporting News) Peyton Manning is white, rich and powerful, so he's safe. /Tom Brady and Ray Lewis disagree.
  • First Take (ESPN) Stephen A. Smith: Manning can't get a pass on this. (2.22 min. video)
  • Ian Casselberry (Awful Announcing) Peyton Manning is highly in demand by networks wanting him for NFL analyst role.
  • Gary Myers (NY Daily News) After latest allegations come to light, can Peyton Manning really be trusted?
  • Ron Borges says Peyton Manning shouldn't have called that audible back in 2003.