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Steelers and Former Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams Throwing Shade at Patriots, Bill Belichick

Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams is coming off his best season in seven years with 1,274 yards from scrimmage. He received his opportunities to shine after departing the Carolina Panthers after nine seasons, and was put into the Steelers starting lineup when standout running back Le'Veon Bell became unavailable due to suspension or injury.

Williams points to his release from the Panthers as the driving force for his big 2015 season.

And while this is actually a pretty interesting look into what some players receive on their way out the door, some poor Patriots fan told Williams that the running back would do well in New England.

The gloves came off.

Got'em. Williams dug into the Book o' Patriots Insults and threw down an asterisk joke. Classic burn.

Also, the notion that Tom Brady is the only player that likes head coach Bill Belichick is insane.

A video posted by @feitelberg on

"I'd do anything for you, coach," wide receiver Julian Edelman said roughly one year ago.

Although, to be fair, Edelman might not have been saying that out of love, or even like. That's just a player following the ol' ball coach around and doing his job.

What the heck is Williams' problem with the Patriots, anyways? He wasn't on that Panthers team that lost to New England in the Super Bowl.

OH. Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhh.

That's a completely reasonable reaction to watching Dance Dance Maroney go ahead of you in the draft, and this isn't the first time that Williams has played the Maroneycard.

9 years ago NE drafted Laurence Maroney over me and 9 years later it still motivates me! (oh and i still dislike them lol...can't wait til week 1)

Posted by DeAngelo Williams on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

And to be fair, I'd hold that same grudge forever. That's some lifetime fuel. Tom Brady getting drafted 199, DeAngelo Williams getting drafted after Maroney, Michael Jordan getting snubbed from his high school basketball team. Trifecta.

Also, side note, Maroney, the second running back selected in the 2006 draft, had the 5th most rushing yards of any back in that class. Maurice Jones-Drew (taken 60th, by the way) leads the way, followed by Williams, Reggie Bush, and Joseph Addai.

Maroney also has the 5th most yards from scrimmage of any Patriots running back drafted in the past 30 years. Not much competition.