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Patriots Players Reaction to Jerod Mayo's Retirement

New England Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo was loved by everyone, so it's no surprise that multiple players have taken to social media to voice their appreciation for the team captain.

Family was always the most important aspect of the team for Mayo and he made sure the other players were aware. There was a period of time where a handful of the players lived in a small area, and Mayo always invited everyone over.

Well, maybe not invited.

"It was open door policy," Mayo explained to the Pulpit in 2015. "It's how it had to be. Julian [Edelman] was our neighbor! [Matthew] Slater was also our neighbor over there, [Rob] Ninkovich was our neighbor. We had a tight little community."

It led Mayo's daughter to call Vince Wilfork "Uncle Vince", it's how Jamie Collins raided Mayo's kitchen ("[Jamie] eats a lot! He's a big guy, you know?"), and it's why Mayo will be so missed in the locker room.

DB Devin McCourty

DT Vince Wilfork

Over the years I had a chance to play with some great ball players but no better person than my brother mayo. We spent a lot of time on and off the field and we became family. From his wife Chani and his three kids, chya, pop, and chyanne nothing but first class family. I had the luxury to become family and till this day enjoy our friendship we built over the years. There's no price tag u can put on what we have. The struggles on field the meetings the film study the dinners the Bbq the crab boils Chani oxtails and chicken the good times and the bad times. Rehabbing together, working out together, You name it we done it and we will continue to do it cuz we are family. That's something no one can take from us. No matter how far we are apart we only a phone call away. The game only last for so long and it's time to move on and I understand that. Enjoy your life with ur family. Football is just a stepping stone for what we wanna be in life, now it's time to enjoy life brotha. Thanks for the memories we have up to this point, because I know there is a lot more to make. and since you will have time, come to Houston so I can finally teach you how to Bbq lmao. I love u bro. Much love and respect to what u have accomplished so far but I kno it's plenty more things in life you will excel in and I can't wait to see and hear all about them. One love FOE ( family over everything )

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ED Chandler Jones

WR Julian Edelman

WR Danny Amendola

RB Kevin Faulk

DT Sealver Siliga