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Former and Current Patriots Working 2nd Job this Offseason to "Gain Experience"

Everyone knows how terrible it is to get a first job. It's a universal passage into adulthood.

Here's an entry-level job, but we require five years of experience.

Woah now, you have five years of experience? You might be a little overqualified for this!

Football players aren't exempt. While some athletes make a considerable amount of money during their careers, there are some that don't- and there are some that just want to keep working, even if their football careers are over.

So the NFL Players Association has created an Externship program designed give current players a three-week opportunity with a corporation, to help provide experience and skills for a post-NFL life. There are three current and former Patriots in the program.

Wide receiver Aaron Dobson will be working with Under Armor in Baltimore, helping with "market data analysis, hospitality, communications, health and safety innovation, sales, legislative processes, and networking."

Former tight end Michael Hoomanawanui is working with the Arizona State Athletic Department, and fellow former tight end Asante Cleveland will be working for Comcast SportsNet.

Best of luck with your externships.