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Pats Pulpit Podcast Episode 029: Patriots "Unsexy" Free Agency and the NFL Combine

After a brief hiatus, we're back!

The 2015 NFL season is well behind our rearview mirror, so we thought it was time to kick off the NFL Combine with a nice little podcast!

The Patriot are in fantastic shape heading into free agency and "unsexy" is the name of the game. No big name tickets. No splashy signings. Take care of the players that are already in house and prepare for those that are about to leave.

Alec predicts the least sexy 2nd round pick for the Patriots. Rich thinks up the least sexy free agent signing. But even with a quiet offseason, the Patriots will be better next year.

What are the needs in free agency? Probably a veteran interior lineman and cornerback.

What are the needs in the draft? Probably a running back and a linebacker.

Can the Patriots address every single question on the roster with in-house free agents? Just ask Ryan Wendell, Tarell Brown, LeGarrette Blount, and Dane Fletcher.

Alec and Rich cover it all. Available in the iTunes store and via RSS Feed. Please subscribe and comment on what you want to hear about in future podcasts!