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New England Patriots Links 2/24/16 - Patriots Don't Need a Safety, Will Probably Draft One

Daily news and links for 2/24/16

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports




  • Michael Hurley posts a sample speech of what Roger Goodell would have to say if he were to return the Patriots' draft picks.  /Fantastic.
  • Adam Kurkjian adds Peter King to the list of prominent critics who are calling for Roger Goodell to return the Patriots; draft picks.
  • NBC Report (Yahoo! Sports) Patriots won't get picks back; Brady could still be suspended.
  • CSNNE Early Edition:Chris Gasper thinks it's the NFL owners who don't want the Patriots to get their picks back. (5.48 min. video)
  • Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon (ESPN Radio) PTI Podcast - Discussion of Peter King's article; Kornheiser thinks Roger Goodell should return the picks. (8.30 min. mark)
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) NFLPA’s latest win over NFL was a blowout.
  • MJ Slaby (Knoxville News Sentinel) UT asks for Peyton Manning claims to be removed from federal lawsuit.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Romo’s lawsuit against NFL goes to court Monday.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Gronk’s "booze-cruise" becomes issue in Romo lawsuit.