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A Few Draft Prospects at the Combine are Name Dropping Patriots Players

There has to be no better way to get on a team's radar than by name-dropping a current member of the roster. And I'm not saying that every quarterback should invoke the name Tom Brady, or that every tight end should model their game after Rob Gronkowski.

If you talk about one of the lesser-known players on a team, you have my attention.

I've highlighted how Baylor's Spencer Drango has worked his way into focus by saying that he models his game after Nate Solder (who says that?!), but there were a few more players that compared themselves to members of the Patriots during the opening day of media sessions.

UCLA kicker John Christian Ka'iminoeauloameka'ikeokekumupa'a Fairbairn was named the best kicker in college football, but the Hawaiian native noted that he had some experience in cold weather games.

"Washington- it snowed there," Fairbairn offered. "I'm not exactly sure what the temperature was. We went to Oregon this year and it was raining and pretty cold. I would look at [bad weather] as a challenge. Being able to do what Mason Crosby does, what Stephen Gostkowski does. They kick in the worst weather and they are the best at it. That's the coolest part about it."

Not shabby, Fairbain, but Gostkowski is the best kicker in the NFL. I'm looking for something a little more out of focus.

"It was great [going against Patriots defensive tackle Malcom Brown]," Arkansas guard Sebastian Tretola suggested. "That was NFL competition right there. A guy that's already made it, to a guy that's going to make it. Great, solid player. Run-stuffer and fast-twitch."

See, that's a little better since Brown isn't yet a household name, but at least he was a first round pick. Anyone else?

"It's a huge honor," Texas A&M Drew Kaser said about the Ray Guy award for college football's best punt. "With how many great punters there were in college football and all the guys that have won in the past, Ryan Allen and Drew Butler and all those guys, it's great company to be involved in. To be honored by Ray Guy and to go down to the college football awards ceremony and to meet him was a huge honor for me."

I like this one, because Ryan Allen and Drew Butler haven't been the most successful punters in the NFL. But Allen won the Ray Guy award twice and I would expect that a college punter would know a little history about the position and the award.

But maybe there's a better name drop?

"I always liked to watch guys that are similar in size for sure," Illinois running back Josh Ferguson stated. "And [Broncos running back Ronnie Hillman is] one of those guys, the Bishop Sankeys and Dion Lewis and the James Whites. I love watching guys like that, especially the James Whites from the Big Ten."

I think we have a winner. Dropping not one, but two Patriots running backs? Josh Ferguson, you have my attention.

You can watch his highlights here, or here, or here, and James White is pretty much a perfect comparison for Ferguson. But there's only one video you need to watch in order to understand Ferguson:

OH YEAH! Sign him up today. This chant needs to be a thing yesterday.

Name dropping really does work.