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New England Patriots Links 2/26/16 - DE Trey Flowers Plans on Making Impact in Year Two

Daily news and links for 2/26/16

Trey Flowers and Dion Lewis serve up some pancakes at Childrens' Hospital
Trey Flowers and Dion Lewis serve up some pancakes at Childrens' Hospital
Darren McCollester/Getty Images





  • Tom E. Curran highlights attorney Stephanie Stradley's takedown of the duplicity and the bald-faced misrepresentation of facts the NFL’s engaged in with deflategate.
  • Michael McCann (SI) Track records of judges who'll decide NFL's Deflategate appeal.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Judges appointed for Tom Brady appeal.
  • CSNNE points out that two of the three judges who will hear the NFL's appeal of the Tom Brady ruling were appointed by Democratic presidents . . . which is thought to favor Brady.
  • Ben Volin says two of the appeal judges may play to Brady's side.
  • Michael Hurley counts on the negotiating skills of Robert Kraft to convince his partners that it's the agenda of 32 owners interested in a properly run operation that is outweighing the losing crusade of one misguided commissioner.
  • Ryan Wilson (CBS Sports) Should NFL return draft picks to Patriots for Deflategate punishment?
  • Bruce Allen (Boston Sports Media Watch) ESPN to staff: Let's be accurate when talking about the Patriots cheating scandals. /Aarrgghhh!.
  • Gary Myers (NY Daily News) If NFL owners really upset at Roger Goodell, it'll show in his next bonus.