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Rams GM Les Snead Highlights Why Patriots QB Tom Brady is the Best in the NFL

Quarterback is the most important position in the NFL, so when a team is in need, the people in charge will be asked about the role at the Combine. Los Angeles Rams GM Les Snead understands that his team is in desperate need of a quarterback to pair with his ferocious defensive line.

"We've done a lot of studies since 2012, and that's when [head coach Jeff Fisher] and I got to the Rams," Snead said. "About how teams win. There's been 21 QBs since 2012 that have started 45 or more games. So if their team gives up 25 or more points, there's only one of those QBs who has actually got a winning record, and it's just over .500.

"I'll let you guys do the research to figure that out."

With pleasure.

So Snead is saying that teams that allow 25 or more points in a game will generally lose the game. In fact, just one quarterback since 2012 has a winning record when the defense allows 25 or more points. Anyone want to guess which one?

Let's run through the checklist.

Since 2012, just ten teams have won 25% of their games when the defense allows 25+ points. Of those ten teams, nine have been led by a quarterback with 45+ starts over that time frame: Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Andrew Luck, and Tom Brady. The Vikings are the lone exception.

Only the Patriots, Bengals, and the Panthers have won more than a third of their games. Only the Patriots have won more than 40%.

Tom Brady holds a 12-9 record when the opposing team scores 25+ points, which checks out at 57.1%. He's the only one over 40% in that time frame.

This stat falls in line with the idea that Brady is the only quarterback with a winning record when asked to throw 50+ times in a game (min. 8 games) because he's the only quarterback able to put the entire team on his back. Brady does more for his team than any other quarterback.

Best of luck at finding your own Tom Brady, mister general manager of the Los Angeles Rams.