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More New England Patriots Tidbits from Day 2 of the NFL Combine

The New England Patriots were a big part of the conversation during the second day of the NFL Combine. Here's a full list of highlights from all of the interviews.

Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley

"I didn’t look for affirmation from him," Bradley said about Bill Belichick's compliments about the Jaguars team building during the regular season. "I think it was a true feeling that I had in studying him. I think a lot of coaches, we all study each other, some experiences that we’ve gone through. I think he’s a guy, just speaking for myself, we hold in high regard and he’s done some great things and has gone through a lot of experiences. I think it was just a candid conversation in terms of that."

Browns VP of Football Operations Sashi Brown

"A very good one," Brown said about Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia's impression during head coaching interviews. "Matt’s a talented young coach. Passionate, relates well to players, similar to Hue. Very innovative in his approach, tough, holds players accountable, comes out of a tremendous system that has had unparalleled success really in New England under Belichick and the Krafts. And so for all those reasons, his experience in a successful organization, his ability to relate to players, his toughness, accountability, intelligence, raw intelligence off the charts, I think Matt’ll be a head coach here shortly in the league. We thought Hue was the right choice for us, but he was an impressive young guy to meet."

South Carolina TE Jerell Adams on his favorite tight end

"[Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski] because he’s a good blocker and a good catcher."

Rutgers WR Leonte Carroo on the Rutgers/Patriots pipeline

"Pretty awesome. You’ve got five active players that are on the Patriots right now so, it’s a big question that everybody wants to know about and how the Patriots can keep the pipeline going.

"I’m just enjoying the process right now. Whatever happens happens, but speaking to those guys that I played with, especially Logan Ryan and Duron Harmon, Devin [McCourty], they always say they would love to have me and would enjoy playing on the team again. I talk to Logan and Duron all the time. I played with them my freshman year, two great players that I gave looks to on scout team as a freshman and competed against. They taught me."

Maryland K Brad Craddock

"It’s funny, I actually don’t watch [Ravens K Justin Tucker] much because he’s got such a big leg and such a big lever and how he kicks it so different to me. A little jealous, I won’t lie. So it’s hard for me to watch him and emulate what he does. I try not to watch guys aren’t technically the same as me because it makes me want to do something that I don’t do. I watch more like [Patriots K Stephen Gostkowski] and guys like that."

Louisiana Tech QB Jeff Driskel on getting drafted by the Red Sox

"It was different, I wasn’t expecting it [because I] hand’t played baseball in a while so it was kind of out of nowhere and it was really cool to be drafted by the Red Sox and such a great organization."

California QB Jared Goff on playing in cold weather

"You’ve seen quarterbacks from California do it over and over again, I mean [Tom Brady] plays at New England, [Aaron Rodgers] plays in Green Bay, Carson Palmer played in Cincinnati for forever, so it’s been done before."

The Entire Conversation with Kansas State FB Glenn Gronkowski

"That would be awesome," Gronkowski said about playing with his older brother, Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski. "It would be a dream come true, obviously. Never got to play with any of them growing up, they all played together, but just the age difference I was never able to do it. It would be awesome."

Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg on playing under Texans HC Bill O'Brien

"Having that base, playing in that system was huge. Just talking terminology-wise, the tape that I watched, things that I had access to. He had just gotten done coaching Tom Brady, who is one of the best that every played."

Arkansas TE Hunter Henry on his relationship with Patriots TE A.J. Derby

"I talked to him a couple weeks ago. We shoot texts back and forth. We’re pretty good friends. He had an unfortunate injury this past year. We shot back and forth, just talking about this whole experience here, talking about all the things to come. He’s been a big help to me."

We'll keep our ears open for other topics of discussion!