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Patriots Officially Meet Two Position Leaders at the Combine With Common Thread

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The New England Patriots absolutely hate when their Combine meetings leak to the public because it shows a sign of interest and it could potentially harm the team when the draft rolls around.

Thus far, only two players have admit to meeting with the Patriots in an official capacity and both are top tier prospects.

First, they met fullback Glenn Gronkowski, who is graded as the #1 fullback in the draft by NFL Draft Scout services. If that name doesn't ring a bell, please leave this website immediately. Gronkowski is the youngest Gronkowski brother and could be a great complement to Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

It would seem that the Gronkowski family is held to a different set of media standards than the rest of the team, which doesn't really come as a surprise and is just more of an observation.

The second player the team met was Mississippi State defensive tackle Chris Jones (no relation to the Patriots defensive tackle Chris Jones, as far as I am aware). While Jones is currently viewed as a late second round pick by NFL Draft Scout, other entities like Pro Football Focus have Jones rated as a top 10 prospect and the 2nd best defensive tackle in the class.

Any additional defensive tackles will likely be linked to the free agency status of Akiem Hicks, so the Patriots are probably just doing their homework.

Interestingly enough, both appear to be represented by Super Agent Drew Rosenhaus (although it should be noted that while Jones is confirmed to be represented, Glenn Gronkowski is an assumption since Rosenhaus represents the rest of his family).

While there are usually some backroom deals with namedropping and leaks to help boost player stock, the Patriots don't really have a free agent at this point in time that is connected with a Rosenhaus quid pro quo.

Rob Gronkowski is under contract and the only other key player I could find to be represented by Rosenhaus is edge defender Jabaal Sheard. So unless Sheard and the Patriots are working out an extension, I don't think there's any behind-the-scenes work taking place.

While Glenn's discussion about the Patriots was inevitable, I think Jones was just a case of him recalling teams and possibly using the Patriots name to generate some interest in teams that might have been interested at the top of the 3rd round.