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Finding Cornerback Prospects with Elite Potential in the 2016 NFL Draft

Last year, the Pats Pulpit amateur CB scout James Devlin wrote a Fan Post for his athletic requirements for an elite CB.

Michael Chang/Getty Images

Rewind to about a year ago, when everyone assumed CB was a top need for the Patriots in the draft. One of our own commenters, James Devlin, wrote a Fan Post on what would make an elite CB. Here were the athletic requirements that he established:

  1. 36"+ Vertical Jump
  2. 10'5"+ Broad Jump
  3. 6.50-6.65 3-Cone for a Sub 4.40 40
  4. 6.70-7.00 3-Cone for a 4.40 or Slower 40
  5. Height of 5'11"-6'1"
The Patriots wound pick signing Justin Coleman off of Seattle's practice squad after claiming him on waivers and trying to stash him on the practice squad. Coleman was a player who fit all those athletic requirements in addition to Byron Jones, Kevin Johnson, and Eric Rowe. Johnson and Jones went in the first round and Rowe went in the 2nd round. The Patriots don't have a first round pick, so they may have to luck out here like with Justin Coleman.

In addition, I would like to add 3 more requirements, although none of these are deal breakers:
  1. Sub 1.60 10-Split
  2. Sub 6.85 3-Cone
  3. Sub 4.00 Shuttle
There are players that don't pass that bar that wind up becoming elite CBs, but I'm being extra strict. Anyone that passes both requirements is likely a first round pick, which the Patriots obviously don't have thanks to the petty jealousy of 30 NFL owners. This page will be updated when Combine numbers come out for CBs throughout the day.

36+ Vertical
10-5+ Broad Jump
4.40/6.65 Foot Speed/Quickness
4.60/7.00 Foot Speed/Quickness
Sub 1.60 Split
Sub 6.85 3-Cone
Sub 4 Shuttle
All of the Above