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Dave Ziegler Elevated to Patriots' Director of Pro Scouting; John Carroll-Pipeline is Alive and Well

The 38-year old Ziegler fills Bob Quinn's former role in the scouting department.

In January, New England Patriots Director of Pro Scouting Bob Quinn decided to leave club after 12 seasons to become the Detroit Lions' new General Manager. His departure left a void in the Patriots' scouting department; one, that has now been filled.

As has been expected, Quinn's former assistant Dave Ziegler is the one asked to fill his former boss's shoes, according to Mike Reiss.

Ziegler joined the Patriots in 2013 after originally entering the NFL in 2010 as a member of the Denver Broncos' scouting department. The Broncos' head coach at that time was former and current Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who has the same alma mater as the 38-year old Ziegler: John Carroll University.

Overall, the Patriots have five John Carroll alums on their staff, including three in prominent roles: McDaniels, Ziegler and Director of Player Personnel Nick Caserio. Offensive coaching assistants Jerry Schuplinski and Nick Caley also graduated from the university near Cleveland, Ohio.

If Rutgers is the Patriots' pipeline for defensive players, John Carroll is the team's pipeline for staff members. A pipeline, that is alive and well and just saw another member promoted to a leading role within the franchise.