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New England Patriots Links 2/03/16 - Roger Goodell Wouldn't Know Integrity If It Bit Him

Daily news and links for 2/03/16

Take a good look at that face, Mr. commissioner, it's what real integrity looks like
Take a good look at that face, Mr. commissioner, it's what real integrity looks like
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  • Tom E. Curran points out the blatant hypocrisy and disingenuous nature of Roger Goodell.
  • Michael Hurley gives his spin on Roger Goodell's spin on how the testing done to measure footballs this year was not testing it all.
  • Ryan Hannable reports the NFL's mishandling of deflategate continues. "Why is the game ball information being recorded on a "Referee's Report" and due back to the league office by noon the next day for just a spot check?"
  • Michael Hurley explains Roger Goodell's year of hypocrisy and lies, the sham of his press conferences and the questions he would ask the commissioner if he had the chance.
  • Kevin Duffy concludes from Roger Goodell's response to the PSI question that the NFL's football pressure study didn't go as the league had hoped.
  • Mike Reiss drops the bombl that Roger Goodell said the NFL didn't do any research study on football pressure, instead using spot checks as a deterrent to teams.
  • Jeff Howe reports the NFL had a season’s worth of opportunities to collect scientific data on psi measurements, but Roger Goodell "decided against such a plan."
  • Michael Hurley states that if we accept that DeflateGate was indeed a big deal, then yesterday's news from Roger Goodell has to be considered a bombshell. /They're all good but read this one.
  • Jeff Kane (ESPNNH) Mr. Kraft, it is time to right the NFL's wrongs.
  • Dan Wetzel (Yahoo! Sports) NFL's missing data on air pressure is another black eye in deflategate saga.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) NFL blows chance to fully understand football air pressure.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Goodell says PSI spot checks found no air-pressure violations in 2015.
  • Peter King (The MMQB) MMQB Mailbag; Cam Handles the press, Manziel's exit assured, and NFL misses the point on PSI measurements.
  • Matt Dolloff reports Peyton Manning said he welcomes an NFL investigation into his HGH allegations - just days after his own team completed their own.
  • Robert Silverman (The Daily Beast) Peyton Manning's forgotten sex scandal.