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Super Bowl 50 Broncos vs Panthers: Tom Brady to Attend Ceremony Honoring Past Super Bowl MVPs

According to multiple media reports, New England's quarterback will take part in the pre-game ceremony.

On to the next one.
On to the next one.
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The relationship between Tom Brady and Roger Goodell has more probably than not seen better days. Maybe last year when the NFL's commissioner presented Brady the Super Bowl MVP award after the quarterback has led the Patriots to a 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. It was the record-tying third most valuable player award Brady earned on the NFL's biggest stage.

Because of the fact that he is a Super Bowl MVP, New England's quarterback was invited to attend a pre-Super Bowl 50 ceremony to honor all 43 men who have earned this accolade. Brady was invited in April, before the Wells Report was released and Roger Goodell and Troy Vincent decided to suspend the quarterback for four games (a suspension which has since been lifted by court).

Ever since the NFL decided to blame Brady for a natural, scientifically explained reaction, the question was whether or not the 38-year old would attend the ceremony in case he does not play in this year's Super Bowl. Turns out, the Patriots quarterback will take the high road – as he did throughout the entire Deflategate farce – and attend the event, first reported by the Wall Street Journal's Kevin Clark. Brady will be one of 40 former Super Bowl MVPs to be there.

Brady is one of five players to be named most valuable player of the Super Bowl more than once; he and Joe Montana are the only three-time MVPs. The Patriots quarterback earned his awards for his performances in Super Bowls XXXVIXXXVIII and XLIX. The MVP of the fourth Super Bowl New England won – XXXIX – will also be present for the ceremony: wide receiver Deion Branch.