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2016 State of the Game Address: Roger Goodell Thinks We Are Stupid

Social media was not fully buying Roger Goodell's 2016 state-run message

Notice how my lips are moving but I'm not saying anything...
Notice how my lips are moving but I'm not saying anything...
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Roger Goodell emerged from hiding today to present his annual State of the Game address. Summed up in three words, "it's all good."

Goodell's answers were expansive and informative... at least to the scripted questions on relocation of teams, expansion of the league, games in London and Mexico City, diversity, cheerleader compensation, women in executive positions in the NFL, why exercise is important for kids and if girls are good enough, can they play professional football.  All burning questions we needed answers to yesterday.  Oh, and player safety.  Nothing more important than player safety.

The only time the Great and Powerful commissioner saw even a hint of a shadow in this "Everything is Awesome" league review was when Tom E. Curran was given a microphone. Not to worry, though, ol' Roger the Dodger was able to swiftly and deftly avoid directly answering Curran's simple question, and made sure his microphone was taken from him to avoid any follow up.

Here are some reactions from the local media, and I strongly suggest reading Michael Hurley's timeline for a bit of comic relief:

Here are some quick links to a few articles written in the aftermath: