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Bills Decline Offer Match, Chris Hogan Will Be a Patriot

The Patriots have added a much-needed receiver to the roster.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills have opted to decline to match the offer New England put on the table for receiver Chris Hogan, which means that he will be a Patriot in 2016.

The three year, $12 million contract the Patriots offered him will put him at right around the average price for a New England receiver and will keep him with the team until age 30. Hogan offers nice size, inside/outside versatility, and is the exact time of fast-twitch, shifty receiver that has had so much success in New England as of late. Somebody, during the Pats Pulpit Podcast, thought that Hogan would be a solid addition to the team, although I can't remember who.

In a starless crop of free agent receivers, Hogan is a fantastic pickup who will cost the Patriots no draft picks. He is also a solid receiving option who didn't command huge dollars, once again showing the value in waiting until the initial frenzy has died down before making any moves.The real question now is how his signing will affect Danny Amendola and his contract. A knock against the signing is that the Patriots now have three receivers with three similar skillsets on the roster, so a restructure/trade could very well be in the works.

Regardless, welcome to New England, Chris Hogan. I have a feeling you're going to like our quarterback quite a bit more than others you have worked with thus far in your career.