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Watch the Patriots Receive Super Bowl XLIX Rings and Get Amped for 2016

The NFL is an archaic institution managed by goons that don't understand that they can't dictate the complete narrative about the sports. Teams and players will win and lose and the public will form their opinions, even if the league wants people to sway in one direction or another.

They can try, and try, and try to run Tom Brady's name through the mud, but the internet is a wonderful place with smart people with multiple degrees in education and particle physics and Ideal Gas Law, probably, that can and will correct the misinformation.

And the NFL will try to submit lies as facts in the court of law and, possibly in an even more egregious move, will prevent people from embedding YouTube videos from their channel.

NFL, it's 2016. You have a YouTube channel because your video player operates with grace of a Ford Pinto, and yet you still don't want people to have easy access to whatever you choose to upload.

No matter. The NFL uploaded a video of the Patriots receiving their Super Bowl XLIX Championship rings and it's enough to make you all warm and fuzzy inside and make you excited for another year of football action.

Gisele complains to Robert Kraft that carrying all of Brady's Super Bowl rings has become her job. Belichick, in all of eloquence, describes the ring ceremony as "awesome." Brady and Kraft share an awkward hug. Big Vince Wilfork is in the video, which is reason enough to watch. Julian Edelman almost starts crying. Matthew Slater breaks down another huddle.

It's brilliant. How about going for Super Bowl LI?