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The Patriots Will Now Feature an Even MORE Ridiculous High Flying Offense

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Well, the New England Patriots are certainly trying to get better on offense.

Despite the fact that the 2015 Patriots offense didn't really struggle too much outside of injuries, head coach Bill Belichick deemed it necessary to overhaul the offense- and he's done it in three major ways.

First, the Patriots rehired offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia to take over for Dave DeGuglielmo. While Googe was an okay coach, his background was in run-first offense and his pass protection schemes struggled. Scarnecchia should immediately improve the offense line performance and make the unit improve, even without a big influx of talent.

But that said, New England still acquired guard Jonathan Cooper from the Cardinals. Cooper is a former top 10 pick that plays his best football on the left side, which would allow Shaq Mason to play at his more natural right guard position. Cooper isn't a fantastic player, but he's better than Tre Jackson and can compete with Josh Kline for the starting left guard role.

Second, the Patriots cut wide receiver Brandon LaFell and replaced him with Bills restricted free agent Chris Hogan. While some might point to Hogan's role in the slot with the Bills- Hogan played roughly half of his snaps from the slot in 2015- that's pretty similar to LaFell's role with Carolina.

Probably the most visually memorable plays from LaFell's final seasons with the Patriots would be his inability to compete for jump balls down the field. Hogan is far more athletic than LaFell and much faster, which will allow him to take better advantage of whatever deep throws Tom Brady chucks down the field. Hogan won't be Randy Moss, but he'll at least offer the semblance of competition down the field.

Third, the Patriots cut tight end Scott Chandler and then subsequently traded for Bears tight end Martellus Bennett. Chandler was a weak blocker that dropped every pass in his direction. Bennett doesn't drop the football, his after-the-catch ability is on par with Rob Gronkowski, and he's a willing blocker.

Bennett will allow the Patriots to feature two tight ends in the offense on a more regular basis. Additionally, #2 tight end Michael Williams was not a viable threat as a receiver so defenses just ignored him. Bennett will require defensive focus, which means that other players in the Patriots offense will become more open.

Hogan and Bennett will join an offense that already features Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and Dion Lewis.

So in three quick moves, the Patriots have bolstered the offensive line, added a more viable deep threat, and traded for one of the best tight ends in the league. Not bad for an unsexy offseason.