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2016 NFL Draft: League Officially Announces the Patriots Draft Picks

The NFL has officially released the 2016 NFL Draft order and there aren't any surprises- it's just good to note that these picks are now set in stone (or at least until Patriots head coach Bill Belichick gets his hands on the batphone).

Here's the full list for the Patriots:

1.29 (forfeited)

2.29, 60th overall

2.30, 61st overall, traded from Arizona with guard Jonathan Cooper in exchange for edge defender Chandler Jones

3.29, 91st overall

3.34, 96th overall, compensatory from cornerback Darrelle Revis signing with the Jets as a free agent

6.21, 196th overall, traded from Houston with wide receiver Keshawn Martin in exchange for the Patriots 5th round pick

6.29, 204th overall, traded to Chicago in exchange for linebacker Jonathan Bostic, reacquired with tight end Martellus Bennett for the Patriots 4th round pick

6.33, 208th overall, compensatory from defensive tackle Vince Wilfork signing with the Texans as a free agent

6.39, 214th overall, compensatory from running back Shane Vereen signing with the Giants as a free agent

6.46, 221st overall, compensatory from edge defender Akeem Ayers signing with the Rams as a free agent

7.22, 243rd overall, traded from Houston in exchange for quarterback Ryan Mallett

7.29, 250th overall