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Rotoworld: Patriots HC Bill Belichick is the NFL's Best Coach from 2016

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has been named Rotoworld's Best Coach in the NFL. He was #1 in 2015. He was also #1 in the inaugural list from 2014.

Yeah, Belichick is good. Real good. The fact that his teams are consistent annual contenders prevents him from racking up the Coach of the Year awards, unlike the coaches that operate teams like Yo-Yos and get rewarded for rebounding after a bad year.

"Bill Belichick, who is 187-69 (.730) over 16 years in New England, has won at least 12 games each of the past six seasons," Rotoworld's Pat Daugherty writes. "To put that in perspective, Bill Parcells oversaw four 12-win campaigns. Bill Walsh, three. The Cleveland Browns have one 12-win season since joining the NFL in 1950. Belichick's run of success isn't just historic, it's completely without peer or precedent."

I'm of the belief that Belichick is the most valuable asset in the NFL. He's the best head coach and one of the three best general managers. He might coach for another decade, and that alone makes him more valuable than a Russell Wilson or an Aaron Rodgers.

But when was the last time Belichick was not in possession of the Best Coach in the NFL Title Belt? Maybe he "lost it" during the 2009 season when Saints head coach Sean Payton snagged it over the Week 12 Monday Night Football smackdown en route to winning the Super Bowl? Even if that happened, Belichick took it back the next season.

Belichick took the Title Belt from Jon Gruden or Andy Reid in 2003 and hasn't looked back. He's still the best coach on the planet and will continue to produce for the remainder of his career.