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2016 NFL Free Agency: DT Terrance Knighton is "leaning" towards signing with the Patriots

Perhaps the Patriots will get a break to go their way this free agency?

Wait, that's not true. The Patriots have signed pass rusher Chris Long off the market, snagged wide receiver Chris Hogan from the Bills, traded for tight end Martellus Bennett from the Bears, and picked up a second round pick from the Cardinals. This has been one active offseason for New England.

But apparently the Patriots aren't done yet. After having Terrance Knighton in for a visit, the defensive tackle went back to Washington to visit with his 2015 team. After Knighton tweeted out that he didn't want to be considered a "rotational" player, it appeared that Knighton was probably not coming to the Patriots.

Washington Times sports writer, and former Patriots beat writer, Anthony Gulizia says not so fast and notes that Knighton is leaning towards signing with New England over Washington.

Knighton would be a rotational player with the Patriots, and his playing time has dropped in each of the past four seasons, from 58% in 2012, to 53%, 48%, and finally 35% in 2015. He would likely remain a 40% snap player in New England.

The Patriots would have a fairly strong depth chart at defensive tackle with veterans Alan Branch and Knighton, as well as youngsters Malcom Brown and Dominique Easley. Bill Belichick's favorite Chris Jones is also on the roster, and this draft is extremely deep at the position.

While Knighton wouldn't be a game changing signing, he follows the thread of quality veteran additions that can supplement the New England draft strategy and infusion of youth.