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New England Patriots Links 3/04/16 - Deflategate Appeal Hearing Analysis; Roster Cuts Continue

Daily news and links for 3/04/16

Tom Brady's core targets remain intact
Tom Brady's core targets remain intact
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  • Sally Jenkins (Washington Post) In DeflateGate, who is the real cheater, Tom Brady or Roger Goodell?
  • Doug Kyed reports NFL lawyer Paul Clement outright lied to the judges yesterday about Tom Brady's honesty while speaking to Roger Goodell last June.
  • Michael Hurley observes the three judges did not seem aware that the NFL's lawyer was lying to their faces on Thursday in New York.
  • Michael McCann (SI) Tom Brady could be in trouble after Deflategate appeal hearing.
  • Stephanie Stradley (Stradley Law) Snapshot of Deflategate Second Circuit argument.
  • Bob McGovern writes that Tom Brady takes a hit in Thursday's fiery deflategate hearing.
  • Christopher Price tells us five things we learned from the deflategate appeal hearing: 1. The judges were harder on Tom Brady than they were on the NFL.
  • Michael Hurley adds his own eyewitness report and analysis following the deflategate appeal hearing: Judges focused heavily on Brady's cell phone.
  • Tom E. Curran says it appears two of the three appeal judges were leaning against arguments made by Tom Brady's attorney, which could lead to a reinstatement of Brady's suspension.
  • Doug Kyed reports Tom Brady's status is now unclear after the appeal hearing reportedly goes the NFL's way.
  • Kevin Duffy posts the transcript of a key moment in Thursday's courtroom showdown between the three-judge panel and Tom Brady's attorney, Jeffrey Kessler.
  • Dan Wetzel (Yahoo! Sports) Deflate-gate: A Tom Brady suspension is back on the table.
  • Ben Volin also thinks Tom Brady could be in trouble.
  • Gary Myers (NY Daily News) Brady's DeflateGate fate not so appealing.
  • Kevin Duffy notes Tom Brady's attorney, Jeffrey Kessler, explained why Deflategate was embarrassing, and why Roger Goodell was out to get his client.
  • Steve Buckley warns all NFL fans they should be worried by Tom Brady's rough day in court.
  • Lester Munson (ESPN) If judges' questions are any indication, NFL may win appeal.
  • Jim Brady, Public Editor (ESPN) On Deflategate, ESPN air-balls on transparency.
  • Henry McKenna talks about the ESPN story that addresses some criticisms of the network's online and broadcast coverage of deflategate.
  • Ken Fang (Awful Announcing) ESPN’s public editor takes the network to task over "Deflategate".