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2016 Free Agency: WR Mohamed Sanu Expected to Visit the Patriots after the Falcons

Maybe the Patriots aren't out of the running (but please, oh my, please be out of the running) for Bengals free agent wide receiver Mohamed Sanu.

Sanu is one of the top four wide receivers on the market and he is apparently in line to receive a contract valued at $7 million per year from the Atlanta Falcons. That's insane money and the Patriots are smart for balking. Sanu is not noticeably any better than former Patriots wide receiver Brandon LaFell, who was under contract for $3 million per year.

But at least the Patriots aren't bowing out of the bidding just yet.

The Patriots are better off hoping that Sanu doesn't leave Atlanta because there's no way they should pay him that kind of money. Danny Amendola is cheaper than Sanu, knows the offense better than Sanu, and we're all calling for Amendola to take a pay cut.

It's more likely that the Patriots will bring in a veteran and draft another prospect with the hopes that they will develop by 2017.